Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Profile-Maximilian F. LaRoche-"Father of Collingdale"

Role played in the borough: Known as the "Father of Collingdale", LaRoche actively worked to incorporate the village of Collingdale by establishing the Collingdale Land and Improvement Company in 1882 and by purchasing thirty acres of land which he sold as residence lots. His florist trade was the main reason why he first decided to settle in what was then known as Darby. He specialized in roses and chrysanthemums which were popular in the late 1880s in wreaths and other floral arrangements. Once the decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court came down making it legal for communities to secede from existing boroughs, LaRoche had a petition written up and notarized May 1, 1891 establishing Collingdale borough. The petition was accepted and the borough established December 23, 1891.

Greatest accomplishments: LaRoche established the first government council in Collingdale and was elected as the first Burgess of Collingdale on January 10, 1892. He was also actively involved in the floral business which prompted the borough's officials to place a rose on the borough's seal in honor and remembrance of his service to the community.

A brief history: LaRoche's connection with John Bartram the famous botanist is simple. As a horticulturalist LaRoche would have known of Bartram's work and may have visited his home while he was in Philadelphia. Being a member of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society would have also exposed him to John Bartram. His father, Charles and his grandfather before him would have known John Bartram's work as well. I believe that it was his love of horticulture that may have caused him to seek out information about Bartram and his family. When he found out that some of Bartram's family lived in Darby, he decided to purchase land adjacent to their property. He then realized the potential for growth and knew that having reliable transportation would be essential for its growth. He became actively involved then in the incorporation and eventual establishment of the borough which led him to a political career that spanned from 1891 through 1907.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Past churches-Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church

Location: 801 MacDade Boulevard

Founded: Conflicting records have this church being founded two different times. In my research I discovered that in one of the histories it states that the first service of the church was held on Clifton Avenue in George Perkin's home January 1888 which was conducted by Rev. Doctor Charles A. Maison who was the rector at St. James Church in Paschallville. However while digging deeper I found that Christ Episcopal Church in Ridley Park had a different story of the founding of this church. In their version, some of the congregation of that church who lived in Collingdale wanted to establish a church there and purchased a lot in Collingdale in November 1888. The preceding month, October 1888, Rev. W.F. C. Morsell conducted "parlor services" and decided to establish "Christ Church Chapel" in Collingdale. Christ Church Chapel was renamed Trinity Church as part of the Christ Church Mission. Relations with the church in Ridley Park severed July 10, 1889 when it was deemed that Trinity church could make it on its own. Here's where the founding converge: Both histories dovetail as to when the cornerstone of the new church was laid in the spring of 1890 with the first services held Christmas Day 1890.

Brief history: Trinity Episcopal established the first Sunday School and kindergarten classes in the borough in 1918. Mrs. George Holcomb was instrumental in its conception and it was called "Children's Guild." The church also opened a nursery school and organized the first Young People's Fellowship under the leadership of Mrs. Holcomb. As the church grew, it became necessary build a new Parish House in 1922 and a new rectory in 1957. Margaret B. Harris took part in the groundbreaking of the new rectory as the oldest active member of the church. The old rectory was donated to the Collingdale Public Library Association to use for $1 a year. The church officially closed its doors in October 2010.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Past Businesses-Sun Oil Company

Location: On the corner of Pusey and Clifton Avenues, near LaRoche's house.

A brief history: In the early 1920s gas stations like this one were a novelty. Sun Oil Company Inc started their business in 1886 and ended in 1920 when it was renamed Sun Oil Co. It remained Sun Oil Co until the bicentennial year when it returned to its roots. In 1998, Sun Oil Company Inc formally changed its name to Sunoco. When this photograph was taken in 1920, the gas stations provided all around service such as window shield washing. Rumors have it that this gas station was near the Burgess's residence on the corner of Pusey and Clifton Avenues. Resources have not collaborated on this but it's a great picture of how gas stations used to look in the 1920s.

There is still a Sunoco station in Collingdale today with a convenience store on the corner of Roberta and MacDade Boulevard.
Photograph courtesy of Keith Lockhart.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Profile-Isaac "Ike" Diehl- "Jack of All Trades"

Role played in borough: Ike laid out the first sewer system in Collingdale,  and was known as the first police chief. He was also a member of the 1st fire company in Collingdale. He was known as a "jack of all trades" because he actively worked to make the community great and helped the community through the pandemic in 1918. His long years of service to the community showed in the improvements made within the community and in his efforts to implement many programs that benefited the community at large.

Greatest accomplishments: Supervising the installation of the first sewer system in Collingdale. Supporting and helping the community during the pandemic of 1918 when he was captain of Collingdale Fire Company No# 1.

History: Isaac Diehl's family settled in Collingdale around the early 1900s. Isaac grew to love the borough due to the warm welcome he received from the families that settled there earlier. He was trained in sanitation and had worked his way up to sanitation supervisor. His expertise in surveying and laying pipe for the streets had been gained from the various projects he participated in during his apprenticeship and eventual employment. He got into law enforcement through a friend who suggested that he utilize his talents in a different arena. In those days,  volunteer police officers did go through some training in order to know the laws but for the most part were trained "on-the-job". Ike was a natural for the position because of his outgoing personality and tough stance on crime. After his stint as a volunteer police officer, Mr. Diehl decided to volunteer as a firefighter and became a member of the Collingdale Fire Company No #1. He was eventually promoted to Captain and played an instrumental part in containing the disease that wasted so many during the pandemic in 1918.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Church-Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic church

Location: 500 Woodlawn Avenue

Ministry hours: Saturday Mass 4:30 pm vigil
Sunday Masses: 8 am, 10 am, 12 noon
Monday-Friday Mass: 8 am
Holy Day Masses:  8 am, 7 pm

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Mission Statement: To reach out to the community and bring God's message to the world.

Brief History of the church: Catholics in Collingdale and the surrounding area felt a need for a parish church in Collingdale and petitioned the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for its establishment in early February 1916. The Archdiocese accepted the petition and allowed for the establishment of the church. To celebrate, Reverend Otho C. Gromoll, who had formerly held a curate's position in the parish of the Holy Spirit officiated as the new pastor at a mass held in Collingdale's Floral Hall February 16, 1916. Groundbreaking for the new church commenced March 16, 1916 during the feast of Saint Joseph's. On Christmas Day, 1916 the new building was dedicated with a celebratory mass which also dedicated the new school. The church and school grew to the point that it was deemed necessary in 1955 to build a new church and move the school into a separate building. In the interim, the church started various community outreach programs and contributed to various causes in the community. Today the church is still involved in various outreach activities and support services.

For more information visit:
Saint Joseph's Parish

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Past Business-The Original Coffee Bar

Location: 943 MacDade Boulevard

Hours of Business:  M-F 7 am - 5:30 pm
                              closed Saturday
                              Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

What they specialize in:  Specialty coffees and delicious wraps and sandwiches. They brew their own special blend. They also make great smoothies with fresh ingredients. Everything they make is organic.

Mission Statement: To provide the community with a venue to meet and relax. Owners are actively involved with the community, providing small groups and individuals a venue to promote themselves and exchange ideas. The shop sponsors local artists, letting them sell and display their works on the walls.

Founded: April 17th 2012

Founders: Toni Maxey, Jay Maxey and Gary Lytle

Closed Collingdale location....July 12, 2013

UPDATE: New Location in Morton, PA (2016
2 Yale Rd

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Profile-Carson Thompson-Olympic Athlete

Role played in borough: Carson grew up in Collingdale and participated in football and baseball during his years in Collingdale in the 1920s. He was a member of the first football team of Collingdale High School and was mentioned as one of the all stars of the game. Baseball however was where he excelled and garnered recognition. It was after he started coaching basketball and baseball at Collingdale High where he also taught, that the baseball "bug" hit him. He tried out for the Penn Athletic Club and played for them for several seasons. During that time he was invited to try out for the New York Yankees. When he discovered that he would have to play ball on Sunday, he refused due to a promise he made to his dad never to play on Sundays. As a result he was barred from playing baseball in the United States which incredibly led to his being invited to play an exhibition game at the 1936 Olympics.
His accomplishments: Mr. Thompson related two experiences he had while at the Olympics which in that year were held in Berlin, Germany to Fran McCoy in 1987 for the News of Delaware County. One memorable scene that he couldn't forget was meeting Eva Baun, Hitler's mistress outside the Olympic village. She'd been filming the color commentary for German television and wanted some background information on the game. His accomplishment was winning the expedition game by pitching a no-hit game when he came into the game in the fifth inning. His other accomplishments as teacher and coach to many schools throughout the Delaware Valley stemmed from that first accomplishment and he became a legend in the eyes of many sports fans in Delaware County.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Past churches-Mariner's Bethel United Methodist Church

Location: 815 Clifton Avenue

Founded: Central Methodist Church officially changed its name to Mariner's Bethel United Methodist on Sunday, April 25 1948 with the groundbreaking of the new building seen here and the laying of the cornerstone on Sunday, November 28 1948. First official service in new building was held May 29, 1949, a few weeks after Dr. Tindall passed away. For a time, until renovations on the original building was complete, the place of worship was called the Central Memorial Chapel of  Mariner's Bethel United Methodist Church.

 Photograph courtesy of Keith Lockhart

Denomination: Methodist
A brief history: Dr. G. Paul Beck led the congregation from 1949 to 1951, and from then on the rotation of pastoral leadership changed every couple of years with two notable exceptions-one from 1975-1977 when there were two pastors, George C. deKrafft and James Ford and in the late 1980s when Reverend Alice Cook, the first woman pastor to preach at the church came on board. Mariner's wasn't involved much in the community until the late 1990s when spaghetti dinners were frequently announced on their billboard out front. Not much information has been gleaned on any other programs, with the exception of an Al-non meeting that was held on Wednesdays that helped many residents. Due to a number of factors, Mariner's decided to close their doors in 2010. Fortunately the building was reopened in 2011 and is currently occupied by the Golden Gate Assembly Church.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Past Businesses-Winner's 5 & 10 Variety Store

A brief history:  This variety store opened in September 1967 at 933 MacDade Boulevard. The store offered everything from screws for your sink to toilet paper. Fred Winner with his wife Jeanette operated this successful neighborhood 5 & 10 store for almost 25 years. His motto was "If I don't have it, I will find a way to get it for you." It worked. Everyone loved coming to his store knowing that they would be able to get what they needed from him. After his wife died in 1986 and with the changing economy, Fred decided to add check cashing services to his business and hired three local employees to handle it. Unfortunately on February 18, 1993 Mr. Winner was tragically murdered in front of his stores during a robbery. The money was never recovered and the case remains unsolved.

Today an appliance store stores some of its appliances in the building.

Photograph courtesy of Joy Winner

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Profile- Frank Kelly, Pennsylvania's longest running Mayor (still living)

Photograph by Anne Neborak-1991

Role played in borough: Mayor of Collingdale borough from January 5, 1970 to present.

Greatest accomplishments: Establishing Collingdale Park, September 3, 1973 and saving the Collingdale High School building from demolition in 1985. It was dedicated as a community center, September 6, 1986.

History: Frank is a life long resident of Collingdale and has served the community in various capacities starting in the early 1960s. His earliest memories of the borough are the tree lined streets and the way people used to get involved with various community events. This sense of community called community spirit defines Mr. Kelly's service to the community. He often wishes that there was more of this spirit, as he recalls fondly the heydays of the 1950s and 1960s when everyone got involved in the community. Mr. Kelly admires the service rendered by both the volunteer fire companies and the police department. He remembers their dedication in serving the community in times of crisis. He still recalls with pride how the community responded during World War II in supporting the war effort and the proclamation that uniforms should be worn at all times. It is through the dedication of the fire companies and the police department that this community spirit can still be seen.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Church- Collingdale First Church of the Nazarene

Location: 212 MacDade Boulevard

Hours of Operation:
G.R.O.W.T.H. classes-9:30 am Sunday
Worship Services (main chapel) 11 am Sunday
The church shares their buildings with 5 congregations that meet on Sunday at various times.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Mission Statement: Racially diverse, family oriented church that believes in spreading the Good News throughout the community.
Brief History of church; The church formally organized in 1894 in Darby under the name "Heavenly Recruits", and then adopted the name "Holiness Christian Church" when a building was erected on Chester Pike and Springfield Road. The congregation merged with the Church of the Nazarene, an existing congregation whose origins are at present unknown in 1909. By 1921, it became necessary to find a new home for the church and a charter was granted April 9, 1921. Factors beyond anyone's control delayed the process of finding and acquiring ground for the church, so it wasn't until 1925 the present location was bought. Groundbreaking occurred October 18, 1925 with Reverend Walter C. Nelson presiding over the laying of the cornerstone on the corner of MacDade and Staley Avenue. The church was dedicated January 11, 1926. The church grew rapidly requiring renovations in 1940 (a new balcony and two story annex), 1952 (new entrances and stained glass windows, and 1956 (three story educational unit which was dedicated free of debt). Today the church which was in the early days also known as Darby Pentecostal and Bethel Church of the Nazarene serves the community in a variety of ways. Their food center is well known, and community nights are well attended. To find out more about the church visit;

Collingdale First Church of the Nazarene

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Business-Femi's Pizza

Location: 907 Clifton Avenue

Hours of operation: M-Thur 11-12 midnight
                              Fri-Sat   11- 1 am
                              Sunday   11-11 pm

What they specialize in: Chicken and beef steaks, chicken hoagie, Stromboli and the best pizza in town.

Mission statement: To provide a family friendly environment and homemade Italian food.

Founder: Ali Gorgulubil

A brief history: When Ali started the business in August 1987 there wasn't any good pizza places at the southwest side of Collingdale. His premise was to provide homemade Italian food at a reasonable price. In doing so, Mr. Gorgulubil provided an atmosphere for families to come and enjoy his food without "breaking the bank." He originally started the business across the street in a small store front that now houses an electric parts supplier, then moved around 1996 when this building became available.

For more information visit: Femi's Pizza

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Profile-Bill Schultz, runner and educator

 Role played in borough: Was seen as a role model for children when he completed a 3,000 mile journey on foot across America in 1990.

Specialized in: Bill was and is still a great advocate for encouraging children to follow their dreams. He particularly specialized in science and geography which he utilized on his journey to teach his students about the science and geography involved in the journey.

History: When Bill retired in June 2011, he had spent over twenty years at Harris Elementary School teaching fifth grade. Being a avid runner, Bill competed with his brother in many competitions in the 1980s. His most memorable experience before his journey across America was a six day competition where he beat the American record for endurance.  While planning his journey, he decided that instead of doing the usual east to west route which he described to his students would be harder to do, he would go west to east. He had two reasons for doing this: 1) the wind would be at his charting weather patterns he deduced that this would be so. 2) he would have the incentive to go home. He also planned with the help of one of the other teachers, affectionately known by teachers and students alike as Miss Pauline to send postcards of his various stops along the way. He started his journey on February 11th and spent 100 nights on the road stopping at various destinations to bed down for the night and/or speak at the local elementary schools. The students at Harris Elementary tracked his progress via a map set up in one of the classrooms and the Wednesday morning phone calls Bill would make to report where he was. It became a sort of game...guessing where Mr. Schultz was...until the next call came in. For some of the students he connected with during his journey, memories still surface as postcards were exchanged and many remained pen pals with other students from different parts of the country. The borough honored him on June 8th 1990 with the key to the borough at what the borough renamed as "Bill Schultz Day."

 Postscript-Where is he now?: Bill is currently planning another journey with his brother biking across country. He still runs marathons regularly, and has once run the Boston Marathon.

Photograph by Anne Neborak-1991

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Past Churches-First Lutheran Church of Collingdale

Founded: September 19, 1920-services were held in the Collingdale Fire Company #1 Fire Hall on Clifton Avenue. This is actually across the street from the Collingdale Fire Company #1 building.
First organization of congregation: February 13, 1921. 29 original members joined.
Church officially recognized by church organization:
October 6, 1921...congregation viable enough to be admitted to Eastern Pennsylvania Synod.
Church charter signed: March 6, 1923, charter signed by church councilmen. May 8, 1923, charter accepted by court and signed by Judge Isaac H. Johnson.
Groundbreaking of land for church: November 16, 1925. Cornerstone laid: May 2, 1926
Building finished and dedicated: November 7, 1926.
A Brief History: As you can imagine it took a lot of time and effort to establish this church. After the church was dedicated, the numbers grew to three hundred. Most were drawn to the church by the activities the church sponsored, such as Vacation Bible Schools. Others were drawn by the beautiful interior of the building. During the Second World War, the basement of the building was utilized as a kind of headquarters for the war effort. Recently it lost membership due to a number of factors. One of the biggest factors was the split services conducted by Reverend Frederic Watson in the late 1980s as an experiment. The experiment failed as even more decided to leave. The last church service was Easter Sunday 2011.
First Lutheran Church of Collingdale, Clifton Avenue with fire trucks out front 1940

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Past Businesses-Sue's Sweet Shop

A brief history: When Campus Sweet Shop opened around 1930, there were only a few restaurants in the area that catered to the young. Most youngsters gravitated towards the drug stores that sold refreshments as part of their business. One of the most popular drug stores was Doc Blecker's who remained famous for their homemade root beer. The Campus Sweet Shop filled a need for sweets and was famous for their ice cream sodas. Once Sue's specialties became known, teenagers patronized and spread the word until Sue's became a popular teenage "hangout." The store moved only once in 1947 from its original location on Sharon Avenue to MacDade Boulevard across from the high school. It reopened in 1948 with a new and complete renovation that catered to the teenagers in the borough. This photograph, courtesy of friend of Sue's Luncheonette, shows the shop in the 1950s when it became a popular spot for both old and young. It officially closed June 6, 1975.

Today the building is occupied by Dave Hanly Fuel Co.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Profile- Educator Margaret B. Harris

Role played in borough:  Margaret was Collingdale's 1st school teacher, starting in 1890 before the town was incorporated.

Area specialized in: Margaret loved art. She drew many pencil sketches of plants and animals and created a love for art in her students.

History: Margaret came to Collingdale with her brother, Enon in the spring of 1886 to settle on a tract of land on Felton Avenue. While there she noticed that the children, including her brother's children, had no place to learn and were sadly lacking an education. She decided to help. At that time female teachers were just becoming less of novelty and more common. She went to school, learned all she could and came back ready to teach all the children of Collingdale in 1890. Although she never married, Margaret treasured and nurtured the children she taught for over 40 years. When she retired in 1937, the Bartram Avenue School was renamed in her honor.

Margaret Brisbane Harris as a young woman

Courtesy of Helen Dick Deyo Moyer

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Church-First Baptist Church of Collingdale

Location: Corner of Andrews and Clifton Avenues
 Hours of Operation:  Sunday School @ 9:45 AM
Worship Service, Sundays @ 10:45 AM
Fresh Encounter Prayer meeting,  Every 1st Sunday of the month @ 6:30PM
Denomination: Baptist
Type of ministry they specialize in: Community outreach and missions work to African nations.
When founded:  September 1882 with a Sunday School class conducted by Mrs. Royal. First congregation met in 1887, but charter for church not granted until May 6, 1889. First pastor was Reverend Milton Lutz.
Vision Statement  To affirm the authority of the Word of God in order to:
                           1) Reach our community
                           2) Realize godly relationships
                           3) Reproduce servant disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ
Current Pastor:  Reverend Perry Messick

First Baptist has a rich history of community service. The current pastor is involved as a chaplain to both Collingdale fire companies and helps sponsor community events such as "Clean-Up Collingdale." Every summer the church also has an outreach to the community in the form of Children Fun Nights. The church also supports Lighthouse Baptist church in Liberia.
For more information visit:
First Baptist Church of Collingdale

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Business-Kelly's Kandy & Nuts

Location: 312 MacDade Boulevard
Hours of Operation:  Monday-Satuurday 10 am - 5 pm. Summer Hours. Hours vary during holidays.

Type of business: Homemade designer candy and nuts
What they specialize in:Custom made wedding and shower favors made in chocolate and Easter chocolate eggs.
When founded/opened: Kelly's Kandy & Nuts had their first store at Booth's Corner in 1973, and moved to Brookhaven Shopping Center after a fire gutted Booth's Corner in late 1973. Dale and Thomas Sheehan moved their store to Collingdale in September/October 1984 when an old friend, Mrytle Snell recommended the building.

Founders: Dale and Thomas Sheehan

Mission Statement: to make the most original chocolate that is homemade and delicious as well as decorative.

Kelly's Kandy also sells a wide variety of hard and soft candy, fruit trays dipped in chocolate and nuts. Their aim is to please the customer and they are quite willing to customize any order. They are known for their elaborate displays made entirely of chocolate for major holidays such as Easter. Their love for candy design shows in every display and each piece could be considered a piece of art.

 For more information, see this Facebook page:

Kelly's Kandy & Nuts Facebook page

They have a new websiteKelly's Kandy and Nuts Check it out!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Past Churches-Central Methodist Church of Collingdale and Aldan

Location: 815 Clifton Avenue
When founded: May 24, 1924 at the home of James N. Dann with 22 members. It grew fairly quickly, necessitating a move to larger facilities. They met briefly in a store at North Street and Woodlawn Avenue and then at a small church on Woodlawn Avenue between Magnolia and North Street until a new church was erected at Clifton and Ash Avenues. Groundbreaking for the new church was November 2, 1924. Reverend William A. Ferguson, the district superintendent in charge of missions and church extensions for the area, attended and Mrs. G.W. Wilson of 23 Glenwood Avenue in Aldan was accorded the honor of turning the first spadeful of dirt.
Denomination: Methodist
History: Reverend Joseph Sproule was the first pastor. He served from 1924 to 1927. He was followed by:
Walter Hoechest  1928
John N. Althouse-1928-1929
Alfred M. Blakesley-1929
S.K. McConnell-1929-1930
W. Scott Housman-1930-1933
G.W. Perkins-1933-1936
Price M. Collins-1936-1939
Stuart A.L. Thomas-1939-1941
Willard W. Pullen-1941-1942
Howard W. Blackburn-1942
John W. Tindall-1942-1948
Under Reverend Tindall, a building fund began which raised 10,000,00 from the sale of the Mariner's Bethel church in Philadelphia. One of the stipulations for use of the money was that the name of the church would be changed. Construction for the new addition to the church began in 1946 and ended in 1948 and the name was then officially changed.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Past Business-Collingdale Millwork Company

Collingdale Millwork Company's history

One of the first businesses in Collingdale, Collingdale Millwork Company, then called Collingdale Manufacturing Company, was founded by Maximilian LaRoche around 1891. Originally and for the most part during its entire history, the millwork was set up to process wood and wood products to supply the surrounding communities with material to build homes. LaRoche kept the business going until around 1910 when he turned it over to a cousin, Otto Wand. Wand owned the company for a long time. Records seem to indicate that M.H Kilpatrick was president of the company during the time he ran for Burgess of Collingdale. He was Collingdale's Burgess from 1926 to 1929. Like most companies during the Depression, the millwork struggled to remain afloat. Ownership remainded in the Kilpatrick family until 1959 when it was then transferred G. Robert Overhiser. Overhiser was the last president of the company when it closed in 1998. The deed was then transferred to Cannon Brothers Inc.Today around a half dozen small business reside in the buildings once owned by Collingdale Millwork Company.

Information gathered through record search of company deeds and may or may not be completely accurate.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Profile-Entertainer Amazing Larry Vee

Area of expertise: Amazing feats of juggling various objects in the air at the same time while balancing on a unicycle, a pogo stick or a ball.
Accomplishments: Larry has won numerous awards in competition both domestically and internationally. He first started competing back in 1977 when he won an award at the International Juggling Association for his technique. He also was featured on the Late Show with David Letterman and the Today Show. One of his first appearances was on the Mike Douglas Show in 1978.
Performance venues: Larry can perform anywhere, except when he's performing with fire. Then safety precautions are taken and the performance goes on outside if safe space not available inside. One of the smallest spaces Larry performed was a small living room that had a 7" ceiling.
Contact information: 
The Amazing Larry Vee
Juggling, Hula-hoop, Unicycle
& Pogo Stick Tricks
705 Blackstone Ave.
Collingdale, Pa 19023-3611
800 5 JUGGLE = 800 558 4453
610 522 5488      
Alternate phone 610 522 8343
Cell phone – last minute or emergencies only 215 833 9482= 215 Vee Wit 2
Recommendations: Larry customizes each show to your satisfaction. Shows can be geared towards adults and small children.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Church-Life Changing Bible Church

Location: The Warehouse
19 MacDade Blvd., 3A
Hours of Operation:  Sunday School @ 10AM
Divine Worship Service, Sundays 10:30AM
Bible Study Conference,Thursdays 7:30PM
Denomination: Pentecostal
Type of ministry they specialize in: Geared towards families, has two women's groups that meet regularly and a men's fellowship.
When founded:  The church was founded in 2004 in Philadelphia, but moved to Collingdale in 2005. The church moved to its present location in 2011.
Mission Statement  "Where Families Meet Around The Cross"

When Bishop Kia Everett founded this church in 2004, the Lord led her to help families in need of spiritual guidance. One of the ways she decided to do this was to take what she'd established with the Life Changing Christian Fellowship she started back in 2000 and establish a church. With the help of her husband, Pastor Curtis Everett, she was able to establish the church and fourteen other "covering" ministries

For more information, click below:
Link to Life Changing Bible Church

Founders:  Pastor Curtis L. Everett & Bishop Kia F. Everett

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Location: 320 MacDade Boulevard
Hours of Operation:  Tuesday-Wednesday 10 am- 4 pm; Thursday-Saturday 10 am - 7 pm.

Type of business: Bakery...Sells homemade cupcakes out of their store and also has a cupcake truck.

What they specialize in: Melt in your mouth cupcakes, both fancy and plain. Has a wide variety that changes weekly.  Customer favorites are : Red Velvet and Sweet Potato cup pie.

When founded/opened: November 15, 2011

Mission Statement: to make cupcakes that have that "Grandma kind of feel"...and fulfill a need for a hometown bakery.

Jennifer Morris chose to establish her business here because of its convenience to home, and because there was a need for a bakery here. Hometown bakeries have taken a "hit" for various reasons. I believe that Cupcakeology, besides filling a need has done an admirable job at providing quality products at a reasonable price.

For more information, call (610)246-8410 or visit them

Founders' names:  Robert and Jennifer Morris

UPDATE: October 29 2016 Moved to a new location:

1101 MacDade Blvd
Collingdale PA 19023

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 7 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday