Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The 125th Celebration Continues....Collingdale History Day

The 4th of July celebrations with the exception of the cancelled fireworks went off without a hitch.
We had a lot of people show up at our historical display down at Collingdale Park. It was the largest turn out we had for a long while too. Estimates are that around 500 people or more showed up during the 5 hour stay down in the Park. For those who missed this display, we will be setting it up again during Collingdale History Day. This day was set aside to celebrate the rich history of Collingdale back in 2013. The Collingdale Historical Society, founded February 11, 2013 is dedicated to educating young and old about Collingdale's rich historic resources. We also support local organizations in Collingdale in their missions. You can become a part of what we're doing in Collingdale. Become a member of Collingdale Historical Society and join us as we preserve our local history for future generations....Collingdale History Day will be celebrated on October 15th...Our theme is transportation and its impact on the incorporation of Collingdale.