Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Two Weeks and Counting...Collingdale's 125th Anniversary Celebration

Hi, I just thought I'd put up the Facebook link for the anniversary celebration...Collingdale Borough's 125th Anniversary. This year's theme in honor of the 125th anniversary celebration is "Collingdale Through the Years." It's a bit cheesy but I think it will stick. Hegeman String Band will be playing in the parade and at the Collingdale Community Center in the evening before the fireworks.

Delaware County's longest running mayor will be leading the parade in a horse and carriage. This definitely fits with the theme. Collingdale Borough will have two floats, one with the big birthday cake and one with the King and Queen of Collingdale. It does promise to be a bigger parade than other years with the string band, floats and antique cars.

I have to admit that I am looking forward to this. I'm praying for good weather and a great turnout for the borough. Just a reminder: Please come visit us down at Collingdale Park at the historical display and share your memories of Collingdale with the historical society. Food, games and other activities will be available down at the park. Activities start with a flag raising at 10 am and end with a community softball game at 2 pm.

Fireworks will be at the Collingdale Community Center at 9 pm....Rain Date is July 9th.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Update on Collingdale's 125th Anniversary Celebration

I noticed that I haven't posted anything for a little while. I definitely want to keep everyone following this blog updated on events for the 125th anniversary. We have less than three weeks before the big 4th of July celebration. Tension is high to get everything right, but the response has been good.

The hope still is that we have all the organizations participating in the parade. I know the excuses. "I have plans to go down the shore. My family is coming or I have to be with them." I'm here to tell you that it is important, if you want to support Collingdale, to make plans to be there. Otherwise your organization will be forgotten...:-(. I have tried to get support and have received some support...yet I can't help but think that there are others that are just waiting in the wings. If I haven't asked you to participate in the parade and make sure your organization is represented, I'm asking now.

Registration is next Wednesday, June 22nd at the Collingdale Community Center. For more information, visit the Collingdale 125th Anniversary, Collingdale Historical Society or the Collingdale Connection Facebook group pages.

So, I'm hoping for a great turnout for the 4th of July...No excuses....