Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Celebrating Collingdale's 125th Anniversary

This year Collingdale borough is planning a huge celebration on July 4th. Funds and volunteers will be needed to help. The initial "kick-off" meeting was good. There was the reminder that we don't have much time. There was the reminder that we needed all the organizations in Collingdale to back it up.

Plans are in the works to allow all those who love Collingdale to contribute to the celebration. The Collingdale Historical Society is committed to keeping the history alive for future generations. At the present time, Facebook is the primary resource for getting information out. On the Collingdale History Project page....little tidbits of local information can be found. On the Collingdale Historical Society group page, discussions of local and national topics that affect Collingdale can be found.

I will start posting updates on this year's events on this blog. Thank you for all of those who continue to view this blog.