Thursday, January 31, 2013

Church-Golden Gate Christian Assembly

Location: 815 Clifton Avenue

Ministry hours: Sunday School 9:30 am
Morning worship service 11 am
Wednesday evening bible study 6 pm
Healing services-every third Saturday 10-12 pm
Evangelistic services- every first Sunday  2 pm

Denomination:  Non-denominational

Mission statement: Enter to Worship, Depart to Serve

A brief history: The church started as the Golden Gate Baptist church April 23, 1972 and had its home in the sanctuary of the West Philadelphia Seventh Day Adventist Church, 55th and Haverford Avenues in Philadelphia. They changed locations twice before moving permanently to Collingdale. Once to St. Phillips Evangelical Lutheran church, 53rd and Wyalusing Avenue on November 9, 1975 and once to 28th street in Philadelphia. It was at this location they remained until 2005 when the roof collapsed in the church. The congregation wandered for a time, and finally found a home when the Mariner's United Methodist church closed its doors and the property became vacant March 2010.

For more information: Golden Gate Christian Assembly

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Organization-Collingdale Fire Company No. 1

Location: 510 Clifton Avenue

Founded: October 18, 1906

Hours of Operation: This all volunteer organization is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A brief history: The fire company started with six volunteers meeting in a house on Beechwood Avenue. A house on Sharon and Pusey Avenue was acquired called "Floral Hall" because it was right next door to Max LaRoche's greenhouse. In those early days firemen would store equipment in one house and use another residence to set up meetings. It soon became apparent that the fire company needed a building of their own to both store equipment and have a place to meet. The building seen here was the 2nd fire house built on land acquired for the purpose in 1917. The fire company moved once in the 1920s after acquiring land at their present location on Clifton Avenue. This was also around the time that a women's auxiliary was formed to help with administrative tasks and provide food for the firemen. The women's auxiliary became a necessary part of the fire company by taking those tasks that seemed tedious and providing much needed support. It was actually also the only way women could get involved with the fire company for a number of years.

Today women can become more involved and train as firefighters along with the men. So after many years of service the women's auxiliary was disbanded in the late 1980s. For more information, please visit:

Collingdale Fire Company No. 1

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Business-Fruits In Bloom

Location: 640 MacDade Blvd

Hours of operation: 8-5 pm Monday-Friday
                              9-3 pm Saturday

What they specialize in: Sculptured fruit dipped in chocolate for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Founded: December 2000

Founder: Anthony DiMorrow

Mission statement: To use only the freshest fruit and to ensure the customer receives the best quality product at the quantity they need, at the best price.

Brief History: By the year 2000, there was an emerging market for decorated fruit. This was partly due to the need for something different and partly due to the health consciousness that was prevalent at that time.Decorating fruit requires a certain talent because a person needs to have the ability to remain patient while working with the fruit and the fruit has to be at a certain temperature. At Fruits In Bloom, you can select the bouquet you want and request specialized arrangements that will fit any occasion. The DiMorrow family runs the business utilizing each member's artistic abilities to create the perfect bouquet and/or fruit arrangement. For more information, visit their website:

Fruits In Bloom

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Church-Collingdale Gospel Chapel

Location: Hillside and MacDade Blvd

Ministry hours: Worship meeting- 9:30 am Sunday
Family Bible Hour & Sunday School 11 am Sunday
Prayer and Bible study-8 pm Wednesday

Denomination: Protestant non-denominational

Mission statement: To teach the message of the Bible in an understandable manner to both young and old.

A brief history: Mr. Nickelson, an Irish evangelist, held meetings in a rented room in the Odd Fellows Hall in Darby in the fall of 1914. Many came to know the Lord during those meetings and the attendance became an issue. The congregation needed a bigger space. The land the church now resides became available for purchase in the fall of 1920 and arrangements made for a groundbreaking ceremony. No record available yet as to when it took place. The present building was constructed during the spring and summer of the following year by the men of the congregation. The church has in the past sponsored a Pioneer Girls group, and other activities such as the "Friday Nighters". a youth group that would meet Friday nights to participate in various activities.

Mode of worship: Four pastors "shepherd the flock" by leading in worship, but everyone is free to speak during the service.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Organization-Collingdale Public Library

Location: 823 MacDade Boulevard

Founded: May  14,1937 by Women's Club of Collingdale

Hours of Operation: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 12-8 pm; Wednesday 10-8 pm, Friday 12-4 pm, Saturday 10-5 pm.

Brief history: The Collingdale Public Library Association was formed as an auxiliary to the Women's Club in 1937. Members of the Women's Club ran the library for many years as Presidents of the Collingdale Public Library Association. It was mainly through their efforts that the library became viable as a source of information and recreation for young and old readers. When it first was incorporated in 1937, books were packed in a small office on Clifton Avenue that left little room for scholars to study. The Women's Club raised enough money to move into a bigger space on Clifton Avenue but by the early 1950s that space become untenable and another space was desperately needed. Trinity Episcopal Church saw the need and decided to donate their old rectory to the Library for $1 a year in 1957. It served as the library until 1976 when fire marshals decided that the building presented a fire hazard and had to be torn down. It took two years for contractors to build the new building which was dedicated in the fall of 1978. Collingdale Public Library is now part of the Delaware County Library System and more information can be accessed here: Collingdale Public Library